Lady Niznusan Prytell is a Nether follower.


Before 4Kingdoms (Arcs 1 and 2)

Niz was born in the town of Kelsvar, to royals King Crogan and Queen Consort Almaith. She was the oldest of three girls, meaning she would bear the family name and eventually rule in place of her parents. Her mother was a commoner, and had worked very hard to get to be Queen Consort. When she figured out her firstborn was a seer, she saw Niz as a threat to her position. Because of that, Niz was raised to neglect her powers and assume a proper princess role.

Niz would sneak out of the castle often, and eventually met Madame Deshal, another seer with whom she trained. After a plague broke out, Niz used her sight to help find a cure, and thought that by sharing it, she would help. However, her father lashed out at her, saying that the commoners deserve to die off and that seers are deplorable and disgusting.

Without any help with distributing an antidote, and with a possible persecution in her future, Niz thought there was no hope, until miraculously she “saw” something that could help her: time travel. With a lot of time, a lot of science, a lot of seeing, and a little magic, she finally built a time travel device. Something went wrong, and she ended up in limbo for a while, before finally landing in Astia.

In 4Kingdoms (Arc 1)

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In 4Kingdoms (Arc 2)

Niz fell out of the sky a bit later than the first group, making her home out away from the town. Now, she has built a new library and is a lot more private with her personal life.


Niz is tall, with brown hair and blue eyes. Her hair is naturally curly, but she straightens it so it reaches her lower back.

She usually wears blue, because it accents her well. More often than not you can see her in a blue dress, sandals, and a crown, her outfit from her old world. Her sandals have small dark blue gems on them, while her crown has a larger aquamarine gem on its front. In Arc 1, it was shown that she had fuzzy blue and red socks, among other clothes, but those are all lost.


Niz is a loud, outgoing person. She has a very strong sense of right and wrong, and she is not afraid to let you know her opinion. When faced with a big decision, she likes to weigh every option, leading to intense indecisiveness. She does not easily let people forget and can definitely hold a grudge. However, she does care for a few people and will help them out however she can. She is an avid supporter of education, and so she built a library. She doesn't trust easily, and she has a keen eye for when things are amiss.