Within the 4Kingdoms world exists magic. This magic is in essence flowing through the kingdoms and the worlds. Certain people and beings, most notably Gods & Goddesses, can take advantage of this magic and use it for themselves or for the greater good.

Down below every spell, power, or other magical property/ability is listed. Along with that will be, in depth, what it can do.


Telepathy is traditionally known as the ability to communicate with others via one's mind. However, not only does this apply, but there are also multiple types of Telepathy existing in this world.

Type 1

Telepathy type 1 is the telepathy that Nether possesses. She is able to communicate with her followers via a neural network. Nether is also able to communicate with the creatures in her realm, Calidaes.

Nether's ability is limited however with Type 1 telepathy. Type 1 telepathy only allows for individuals (within the network) to read only what one allows the other to read. For example, when Nether communicated with Lady Niz, she could see and read everything in her mind (though Nether remarked it was way too much to understand), but should Nether communicate with any other follower, she will only have access to what they allow her to.

Nether followers are known for possessing Type one telepathy. They can initiate communication with Nether or with other Nether Followers. However, Nether may communicate directly with the creatures in her realm.

In the case of Nether, she remarked that she was not able to communicate with any family members or with any other creatures in any other realms.

Type 2

Telepathy type 2 is the telepathy that Anon is known to posses.

Not much is known about Type 2 telepathy, but it is believed to be much more powerful than Type 1.

It is rumored that with type 2, you do not need the consent of an individual to read their mind. And, when powerful enough, can read one's mind without the victim any the wiser.