Grand Zenarck is a follower of End.


Before 4Kingdoms

Not much is known about Zenarck's past, only that he was born in another dimension on a planet called Thacoyama. His real name is unknown to all but him. He is the king of a dwarven kingdom called Khom Lodur and is skilled in the arts of Magic, Science and Technology. His known weapons in combat are two swords (Vanquisher, Last Stand of the Damned, Hellreaver, Ferocity of Time-Lost Memories), a cleaver (The Guardian of Time, Space and Balance) and a bow (Shooting Star, Straight Bow of the South). His last known whereabouts was at an ancient temple. No word of what happened. But one source revealed that he entered an ancient portal. That was the last anyone heard from Zenarck.

"If you are reading this, then you must know that I am not of your reality. I am what one might call a traveller or in my terms a trans-dimensional traveller. I stumbled upon this world by accident when I entered an ancient portal back in my reality, the freak accident caused me to do what most people back home deemed impossible... I travelled from my reality into your reality and in doing so left me with no way of getting home. My name is Grand Zenarck and this is my tale of how I came to be in your reality."

In 4Kingdoms

As of currently in both Lore and In-Game he is currently searching for the portal that brought him to the realm of 4Kingdoms.





Grand Zenarck