4Kingdoms RPG

As of February 7th 2017 4Kingdoms is no longer running. Sorry.

4KingdomsRPG is a Minecraft RPG hosted on CloudCraft. It was first inspired by Mianite and has now evolved into a massive RPG of its own.

New players and rpers, please read the rules and the character creation guidelines.

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4Kingdoms Summary

Legend has it that there were four great kingdoms; the kingdom of the sky, the kingdom of the nether, the kingdom of the earth, and the kingdom of the end. The leaders in these four kingdoms lived in peace for centuries, but the King of End started a terrible war. He found a mysterious star, causing the End’s King to be what everyone feared the most; a god. Havoc and chaos rained down on on the sky, earth, and nether, causing the three other leaders to seek out the other stars. They all became gods, and they ended the war and trapped End. Sky, Nether, and Earth were all worshipped by the humans, but some still worshipped End. He got power again, and now it is up to the player to choose their side and worship one of the gods. Choose wisely, traveller, for you could hold the power of the future in your hands.

4Kingdoms RPG Arc 1

Runtime: ~June 2015 - June, 30 2016

Four gods, four lands, one battle. What would have been a simple story if affected by one spirit endangering everyone. The God of the Sky, a master of thought and enchanting; the Goddess of the Earth, a caring farmer with a green thumb; and the Goddess of Nether, a queen with powerful hands strong enough to bend metal, are thrown into turmoil when the God of the End, bringer of chaos and war, reappears into the world with the lie that he was being controlled. Meanwhile, in the mind of warmonger End, a spirit fights for control to take over the world. The five beings are thrown together in a pot, mixed with life, and death, and war, and peace. Who will come out on top, or will the tension ruin the world?

4Kingdoms RPG Arc 2

Runtime: July 2016 - February 2107

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